The Weighted Companion Candle
    A tribute to Portal's Weighted Companion Cube. Weighted Companion Cube Candle

Weighted Companion Cube, Candle 1) Obtain a candle, melt it in a pot under low heat. (warning: this can be dangerous.)
Weighted Companion Cube, Wax Mold 2) Remove the wick, pour the wax into a cardboard mold. I flattened the top by pressing it against the warm pan I used to melt the wax.
Weighted Companion Cube, Wax Etching 3) Using an X-acto knife, etch a few guidelines. My cube was 5.5mm long on each side - a nickel is the perfect size to trace for the inner circle.
Weighted Companion Cube, Wax Shape Starting 4) Break out the Dremel and start cutting away all the parts that don't look like a Weighted Companion Cube.
Weighted Companion Cube, Wax Shape 5) Using the Dremel and the X-acto knife, bevel the edges.
Weighted Companion Cube, Painted 6) Paint the cube. I used acrylic paints and sealed it with a spray-on clear acrylic sealant.
Weighted Companion Candle 7) Drill out a hole on, insert the candle wick back in. I fashioned a temporary funnel out of paper and poured hot wax into the hole to bond the wick back in with the candle.

Walah! You've created your own Weighted Companion Candle :)

Disclaimer: I have never worked with wax before, I don't have a clue what I'm doing. Have fun!